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10 Event Day Photo Tips for Great Content All Year Round

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Social Media is incredibly important for events, but do you ever wonder how a one-day event is able to have great content year round? Here are 10 things to consider on event day to make sure you will have quality content for the whole year!

  1. Make Sure You Have Professional Photography

It’s crucial to make sure you have at least one professional photographer covering your event. A professional photographer will be able to capture the atmosphere and fun of your event! High quality images are not only necessary to covering the current event, but for promoting the event in the future.

Photographer with client
Photo taken by Brynn Feather of 365 Day Media Group at Pine Lighting Victoria
  1. Consider Having a Videographer

Promotional videos are highly engaging and show off the atmosphere of the event well.

  1. Make Sure You Have Photos of Sponsors and Suppliers

Discuss with your photographer or social media team what you have promised to each sponsor or supplier as far as coverage goes online. Ensuring you take photos of all event sponsors on event day will provide you with content for them for the rest of the year!

Little boy with BMO kit
Sponsor Photo by Brynn Feather for Goddess Run
  1. Consider the Photos You Will Need Throughout the Year

Whether it’s next year’s volunteer call outs, sponsor shout outs, photos of award winners, or just photos for Mother’s Day, every event has days in the coming year they will need content for. Consider this before event day so you can get everything you need on the day of the event!

volunteer photo
Volunteer Photo by Byrnn Feather for Victoria Beer Week
  1. Do You Have Someone Covering Social Media All Day?

Make sure you have someone or a team dedicated to covering social media on event day. We recommend having a strategic team, like us, cover social media year round, including event day. We will be able to post photos and videos of the event in real time, while responding to all posts and inquiries about the event.

  1. Decide What Kind of Live Coverage You Want

It’s so important to be posting on event day and showing the activities going on in real time! You can choose regular posts, Facebook or Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and of course live tweeting throughout the day!

photography of live video
Photo by Brynn Feather of our 365 team doing live coverage of the Victoria Beer Week Media Launch.
  1. Make Sure Your Photographer is Capturing Macro and Micro Event Moments!

It’s so important to get wider photos of the event size and scale, but micro moments help to show the personality of your event.

mass start photo

Macro moments captured by Brynn Feather at Goddess Run

Micro moment caught by Brynn Feather at Goddess Run
  1. Give Your Photographer & Social Media Team a Shot List

You want to make sure all the important elements of your events are covered, so make sure everyone in charge of content knows their responsibilities!

  1. Make Sure There’s Lots of Photos of Event Attendees!

Event Attendees love seeing photos of themselves at the events. Capture lots of photos of event attendees to increase engagement!

photo of event participants
Photo by Brynn Feather for the Goddess Run
  1. Ensure You Have Systems in Place to Receive Photos/Videos quickly!

It’s important to have photos posted quickly following the event when the attendees are checking and the “buzz” is still fresh. Media Outlets will also be wanting photos quickly, so make sure systems are in place to receive content quickly!

Great content involves planning and foresight on event day. Plan ahead and consider these 10 things to make sure you get the most out of the day of your event! If all this sounds overwhelming, we can help!


This week’s blog was written by our Digital Marketing Manager & Photographer Brynn Featherstone, a recent graduate of the University of Victoria majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Business.